Branded logistics

Special know-how is required for the logistic support and administrative accompaniment of branded products. Logistic performance and top-quality service as well as a well-balanced standardisation in logistic processing are the prerequisites for successful brand logistics.

BRANDLOG provides you with custom-tailored logistic concepts and assumes responsibility for the complete distribution of your branded products in partial and full load transportation field so that your goods are always available at the right time at the correct location.

All BRANDLOG’s shareholders have worked successfully for more than 30 years for different manufacturers of branded and consumer goods and therefore have a great deal of experience in dealing with the complexity of the market for the goods transportation.

BRANDLOG can guarantee its customers this service standard because the participating company shareholders can draw on an extensive lorry fleet of their own. Consequently, we can also effortlessly provide the transport capacities agreed upon even during seasonal bottlenecks.

BRANDLOG: Your branded products in the right hands!