In all probability there is no other sector in which the terms flexibility, efficiency, price stability and customer-focused orientation of all logistic areas have a greater importance than in transport logistics. Therefore, the success of a logistic service provider depends primarily on the logistic networking of all those involved. The intelligent networking of a company’s hubs ultimately determines a company’s performance.

BRANDLOG: Strong cooperation for strong brands!

As a medium-sized company cooperation, BRANDLOG (LOGistics for BRANDed products) has provided its comprehensive service in the field of partial and full load transportation of branded products since 2007.

BRANDLOG is an amalgamation of four well-known logistic companies with many years of experience in goods transportation.

As a result of the unification of a strong medium-sized company sector, we are able to provide comprehensive and personal customer service. Such service is the result the operating range, infrastructure and availability of a high-performance cooperation. This opens new perspectives for our customers!

Due to the optimum utilisation of our joint resources, we achieve a manifestly better capacity utilisation and are thus well prepared for possible load fluctuations.

Our central dispatching office ensures reliability and safety from the time of collection at your production site to positioning at the point of sale. As a consequence of our uninterrupted, clearly structured IT system all the routes in your supply chain are controlled and monitored. In this context, we function as the central control element that unites and coordinates the employees, facilities and technology of the participating logistic companies.

Individual and innovative logistic solutions since 2007!